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Thru to Thrive


Program Overview

The Thru to Thrive program was developed to give each participant a deeper understanding and an actionable toolkit. Delivered as an intensive outpatient program, a group therapy-focused program with optional individual therapy for those needing additional support. Our clinical services will help you understand how you arrived at today and ensure you feel equipped to pursue your brightest tomorrow.


Specialized Care for Your Needs

No matter the challenge you’re facing – be it a major depressive disorder, panic disorder, or PTSD – Thru has tailored programs designed to help. We offer uniquely selected and curated evidence-based treatments to meet your specific needs.

Empowering Transformation

At Thru, we don’t just offer treatment; we partner with you on your journey to mental wellness. We aim to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and support to steer your path, unleashing a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilled future.

Your Journey, Your Pace

Thru care is accessible wherever you are. We aim to provide flexible access to our services via laptop, phone, or computer to suit your schedule, ensuring you can prioritize your mental health without disrupting your daily routine.

Insights & Understanding

We believe in empowering you with a clear understanding of your mental health journey. Our clinical services delve deep into the roots of your experiences, helping you comprehend your present and confidently look towards a brighter tomorrow.



You are meant for more than just getting by – you’re meant to thrive.

Together we’ll move forward…

Together we’ll get Thru.

Thru Telehealth Recovery Program