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Lara Barbir, PhD


Dr. Barbir is a southern California-based clinical psychologist serving a diverse range of adults in private practice. While she is well-versed in applying a myriad of evidence-based treatments, Dr. Barbir is particularly passionate about using EMDR and interpersonal psychotherapy approaches with higher-functioning adults struggling with depression, complex trauma/PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and/or chronic pain, as she values taking a functional medicine approach to address presenting issues from their root cause. She has also received specialty training in ACT, PE, CPT, WET, CBT for insomnia, chronic pain, and depression, IPT for reproductive mental health, and motivational interviewing, and she enjoys supervising unlicensed therapists in these approaches.

Dr. Barbir received her doctorate in counseling psychology from Radford University in Virginia. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in psychosomatic/behavioral medicine with a minor rotation in trauma at the VA San Diego Healthcare System and her predoctoral internship at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System. Prior to starting her own private practice this year, Dr. Barbir worked in the VA hospital setting for over six years, serving Veterans, interdisciplinary team members, and psychology trainees across primary care, perinatal mental health, and tobacco cessation clinics, training and supervising psychology postdoctoral fellows, interns, and practicum students, leading a weekly seminar in the provision of clinical supervision, and facilitating various talks to the training program and patients on her areas of expertise. She has also served in other settings, including neuropsychology and geropsychology clinics, spinal cord injury centers, university counseling centers, and community mental health.

Outside of her passions as a psychologist, Dr. Barbir enjoys teaching group fitness classes, novel adventures through learning, hiking, and travel, and connecting with her loved ones. Dr. Barbir excitedly joined the Thru team upon seeing her aligned passion with Thru’s mission to improve access to care and offer group psychotherapy.

Lara Barbir