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Intensive Outpatient Program for First Responders | Thru Health

At Thru Health, we prioritize first responder mental health support, focusing on firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers who safeguard our communities. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to address their unique mental health needs and provide comprehensive assistance.

Our evidence-based IOP employs therapeutic modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), enabling us to customize treatment plans for effective care. Thru Health offers weekly individual therapy sessions and IOP group sessions, creating a supportive environment for first responders to connect and learn from each other. This promotes camaraderie and understanding, forming a valuable support network for those facing isolation in their struggles.

Flexible scheduling options ensure first responders can participate in our IOP without taking time off work, integrating mental health care into their daily lives and fostering long-term well-being. We also extend ongoing support to first responder families, acknowledging their unique challenges and need for guidance in supporting their loved ones.

Dedicated to serving our community heroes, Thru Health helps first responders build resilience, manage stress, and enhance emotional well-being, allowing them to confidently fulfill their crucial roles. Contact us for more information on our Intensive Outpatient Program and make a difference in your community today.