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Effie Carlson

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Effie started her career as a healthcare entrepreneur because she lived the reality of a complicated healthcare system and wanted it to be different and better. That outlook has kept her passionate about people who look at the world, see needs, and jump in to fix them. In her 15 years in healthcare, Effie has sat in almost every seat: provider, payor, executive, and advisor. These roles have afforded her a unique perspective that bridges the space between innovation and reality, strategy and execution — it is also what keeps her excited to continue to learn, contextualize, and translate in her small part of helping make the world a better, more efficient and equitable place.

The things to know about Effie are: She will never let the “perfect be the enemy of good.” She lives to learn and understand, and she is fueled by the potential of making anything better. Effie knows you are only as good as your team and that is why she joined Thru – this is a team that is focused on solving for reality and passionate about making a difference, one patient at a time.

Deirdre Lopez

The journey to recovery is not ‘one size fits all’. Choose your path today. Together we’ll move forward…

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