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Telehealth Recovery ProgramS

Together Forward

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The greatest strength in being human is our capacity for change.

Our mission is to give everyone a chance at that.

1 in 4 people will deal with a mental health challenge.

Less than half receive treatment.


We're changing that.
Together, we'll get Thru.

Thru is a new and innovative treatment platform designed to fit the demands of your life. Easy access to the highest quality, evidence-based care in the most flexible programs available.

Easy Access

Our virtual care center comes to you — at home, at work, on your cell phone, or on your computer.

Proven Results

Evidence-based treatment model and trusted tools — transformed for today’s world.

Customizable Programs

We help you design a treatment program to meet your needs and goals. Choose from one of our many specialized programs: 

Empowered Motherhood, Substance Use, Mental Health, First Responders & Veterans, and Family Programs.

Choose Your Program

We have decades of collective clinical expertise and know that mental health and substance use struggles don’t stop at 5 p.m. or on Friday afternoon.

Thru Health offers a virtual treatment schedule and programs to meet your unique needs. 

You can log in to our password-protected, confidential site and receive expert clinical care on any of your devices.

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What To Expect in the Thru Telehealth Program

Phase 1


Understanding is the foundation for growth & change

Phase 2


Putting new knowledge to work

Phase 3


Living the skills to keep you moving forward


Address all your recovery needs, beyond just the program


Mental wellness thrives in community, and you are not alone


Recovery is a lifelong journey… and together, we’ll get Thru

No journey is ‘one size fits all’. Choose your program today. Together we’ll move forward…

Together we’ll get

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